Audio Interfaces of 2018 - Buying Best Guide and Reviews

Audio Interfaces of 2018 - Buying Best Guide and Reviews

Audio Interfaces of 2018 - Buying Best Guide and Reviews


# Focusrite Scarlett 2i2


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Their Scarlett 2i2 audio interface offers a simple and simple approach to recording audio for everybody wanting to form their own residence studio.Being on a comparatively tight budget doesn’t mean you've got to sacrifice quality and productivity, and also the Scarlett 2i2 clearly shows that with its specs and options.

Starting with the compact type issue and little footprint, you'll be able to match the Scarlett just about anyplace. though it’s little, it positively will pack quite punch.The front panel hosts a pair of combined TRS/XLR inputs, that is quite enough for recording a pair of instruments, or a vocal Associate in Nursingd an instrument at the same time.

 every of the inputs incorporates a separate switch for toggling between mic/instrument mode, moreover as a gain knob for on the fly changes.Besides that, there's a switch for turning direct monitor on and off, a giant monitor level knob, moreover as a earpiece output with its dedicated level management.The back of the device is as easy because it will get.

A USB association within the middle and stereo outputs on the correct, for connecting the device to your speakers.It’s pretty obvious that the Scarlett 2i2 focuses on home studio use and musicians/audio engineers UN agency extremely don’t would like far more than a compact and reliable audio interface.

However, don’t assume that you’ll be missing out on the standard and overall user expertise.This interface offers 24bit/96kHz recordings, which, once mixed properly, sound pretty darn superb. Sure, examination the performance of this device to models that ar far more dearly-won yields in an exceedingly noticeable distinction in audio quality, however once it involves the budget worth vary, the Scarlett 2i2 could be a clear winner.

# Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD

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The U-Phoria by Behringer may be a nice different to the antecedently mentioned Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. For 0.5 the value, you’ll be obtaining that renowned Behringer quality, each in terms of build and therefore the actual audio.

While the value distinction is comparatively massive, i'll still try and compare it to the Scarlett 2i2, as there don't seem to be several different audio interfaces this low cost square measure price mentioning and comparison to.

This device is slightly smaller than the Scarlett, creating it an ideal alternative for ANyone with an already crammed table. you'll be able to even take the U-Phoria with you after you travel, as it’s fully supercharged through the USB affiliation, and is incredibly well designed.

The front interface offers the same expertise to the one you’d get with the Scarlett 2i2. 2 combined TRS/XLR inputs on the left aboard separate line/instrument and pad toggle buttons, furthermore as gain controls. What’s extremely neat is that there square measure 2 LEDs for every channel furthermore, rental you recognize if the channel is active or not and whether or not they’re clipping.

The right-hand facet of the panel sports output and electro-acoustic transducer level knobs, furthermore as a toggle button for dominant the direct monitor feature.

The back of the U-Phoria is pretty minimalistic, with stereo outputs, USB affiliation, and a toggle for the +48V for victimization the device with condenser microphones.

So, what’s the distinction between the U-Phoria and therefore the Scarlett 2i2?

The main distinction is within the actual audio quality of the recordings. The U-Phoria utilizes a pair of mythical being mike preamps, one for every channel, giving this interface an understandable advantage.

The specs sheet conjointly makes the distinction pretty clear. You’re obtaining 24bit/192kHz recordings, that isn't solely noticeable on paper, however in use furthermore.

#Best Overall Audio Interfaces 2018



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We’ve seen that the nice of us at Focusrite knowledge to cater the wants of a beginner audio engineer with a good budget. The Scarlett 18i20, with its varied inputs and outputs, and overall superb performance, focuses on a lot of advanced studio desires.

As it’s pretty clear once you examine the image, this model is what's referred to as a rack interface. tho' it’s pretty short, the breadth makes it reasonably impractical for table use, thus contemplate obtaining associate degree actual rack to mount it on.

The front panel, whereas pretty long, is intensive, however straightforward enough thus you don’t drift within the buttons and knobs. solely a pair of of the eight combined analog inputs area unit on the front, whereas the remainder area unit tucked away within the back.

The controls cowl level for all of the analog channels, with separate four8V boost for either the primary or last 4 channels, once they area unit used with condenser microphones.

On the right-hand facet of the front panel, there's a neat junction rectifier visualiser, belongings you recognize the amount of the individual channels in decibel, thus you'll be able to simply tell if anybody of them is clipping or not, while not having to really examine your visual display unit.

The rest of the controls embrace dim and mute buttons, a monitor level knob, also as a pair of earphone outputs, every with its own level management.

The real fun, however, starts within the back!

Besides the 3-8 channel inputs, there area unit ten line outputs, also as MIDI in and out. The optical affiliation permits you to attach a tool with up to eight individual channels, and with S/PDIF, you primarily have the choice of connecting a complete of eighteen devices!

As you'd most likely expect, the sound quality doesn’t fall behind. With 24bit/192kHz and super low latency, the 18i20 simply manages all the input devices you throw at it at super high resolution and studio quality.


 #PreSonus Studio 192



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After reading regarding Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, you’d assume that there’s few higher choice than it, a minimum of therein or the neighboring value vary. However, the Studio 192 by PreSonus offers a rather completely different approach which can positively attractiveness to a minimum of a little of the reading audience.

The front panel whereas a trifle additional straightforward, positively still provides you full management over the various inputs and outputs this device will handle.

As expected, there ar a pair of simple to succeed in combined inputs on the left, followed by atiny low screen which supplies you additional information regarding the presently designated channel or predetermined.

Going additional to the proper facet, there's associate array of LEDs that show you the precise level of every individual channel, and whether or not they’re clipping or not.

A big nevertheless terribly precise dial is employed for setting the most level, and also the smaller 2 knobs ar used for adjusting the individual phone levels for every of the two outputs.

As it’s common for rack-mounted audio interfaces, most of the inputs and outputs ar placed on the rear of the device.

You’ve got vi additional combined analog inputs, eight analog outputs, further as a combine of optical inputs and outputs further. different connections ar lined via S/PDIF further as a USB three.0 affiliation that goes to your laptop (Windows or Mac).

With that several inputs and outputs, you'll essentially record something you’d need, aside from MIDI devices, which are, sadly, not supported by the Studio 192.

What extremely makes this device stand out ar eight XMAX preamps that ar remotely governable, and have PreSonus AI Fat Channel process. This not solely provides the Studio 192 terribly high audio quality however permits you to change effects for observation further.

The enclosed Corvus monedula and package packs build victimization this audio interface a really pleasant expertise, whether or not it’s with the enclosed Corvus monedula or the other that you simply like.


#Focusrite Clarett 8PreX

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We’ve already seen however Focusrite focuses on beginner and advanced recording engineers and their wants. Their Clarett 8PreX audio interface targets professionals with superb specs and options, each hardware and software-wise.

Unlike the opposite rack mounter interfaces we’ve come upon to date, the Clarett 8PreX takes up not one, however 2 rack slots. this can be important to own in mind, particularly if you have already got lots of rack devices in your studio. This unhealthy boy merely wants a lot of space!

The front hosts a try of instrument inputs, moreover as a full management layout for six channels severally. The right-hand aspect of the Clarett options Associate in Nursing semiconductor diode beholder for eight the eight inputs, moreover because the stereo output.

The monitor level is adjusted via an enormous knob, and therefore the two phone output levels area unit controlled via the two smaller knobs.

The slightly a lot of strong dimensions of the Clarett 8PreX area unit attributable to the actual fact that Focusrite went with separate jack and XLR inputs rather than combined ones like you’d see on the 8Pre model.

You primarily have eight pairs of XLR and instrument inputs on the rear, aboard S/PDIF, twin optical inputs and outputs, MIDI I/O, moreover as ten analog outputs. As you’d expect from a professional-grade interface, you've got twenty six inputs and twenty eight outputs at your disposal at any given time.

With the enclosed package, moreover because the ability to completely management the Clarett via Associate in Nursing iOS device, this interface is an inexpensive different to the antecedently mentioned Apogee Ensemble.