Daffodil university admission definition News

Daffodil university admission definition News.

Daffodil university admission definition News

This University is a private University. DIU full mean is Daffodil international university. Daffodil university Admission definition News. This University is good for it's many benefited. Student will be getting many financial help from DIU.

The private University has paid the highest priority to resource allocation to post graduate education and for future development of those areas that represent the traditional strengths, quality, reputation, and uniqueness of the institution which continue to effectively respond to the needs of students . Consistent with this commitment, the university is emphasizing on high quality education including a comprehensive general education that imparts the educational broad knowledge, skills, and values which are essential to educate and make citizens responsible as well as to ensure specialized career preparation for students.

Diu admit process for Undergraduate:

  • Humanities and Social Science :-
*Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • Engineering:-
*Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering.
 *Textile Engineering.
*Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
*Architecture .
*Civil Engineering.

Also University News: Aiub admissions officer news.

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